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2024 Eleveight FS V7

2024 Eleveight FS V7

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Unleash Explosive Power & Control for Radical Freestyle

Dominate the skies with the FS, the ultimate weapon for high-performance freestyle and big air.

Built for Beasts:

  • Tailored for Radical: Explosive vertical lift and direct control let you boost higher, loop harder, and pop aggressively with confidence.
  • Efficient Power: Optimized for powerful action with stable upwind performance and exceptional stability.
  • Advanced Tricks: Wide angle of attack and optimum line slack provide the perfect platform for mastering advanced freestyle maneuvers.
  • Pro-Approved: Chosen by World Champion Arthur Guillebert, the FS delivers accessible performance for riders of all skill levels.

Engineered for Domination:

  • Open-C 5 Strut Design: Offers the reactivity and control of a true C-kite for advanced riders.
  • Pulley-Free Bridles: Direct turning impulses and smooth, constant power keep you in command.
  • Stable & Durable: Explores the limits with confidence, thanks to robust construction and optimized panel cuts for efficient force distribution.
  • Lightweight Power: XT light fabric in the 14m reduces weight for enhanced agility and easier looping.
  • Enhanced Control: Thin LE tips and improved deflectors minimize bridle wrap risk, even during advanced maneuvers.

Ready to unleash your inner beast? The FS is your gateway to pushing the boundaries of freestyle. Grab this high-performance kite and tear down the limits!