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Delta Foils

Delta 890 Reflex M-Frame Kit

Delta 890 Reflex M-Frame Kit

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Embrace Effortless Flight with the 890 Reflex:

Fun, Stable, and Ready to Soar

The 890 Reflex, formerly known as the Cozumel, redefines ease and enjoyment in wing foiling and kite foiling. It's designed to unlock a world of possibilities, whether you're carving graceful lines or taking your first thrilling steps on the foil.

Features That Inspire Confidence:

    • Effortless Lift & Stability: Delta's groundbreaking reflex foil technology and a low aspect ratio design create a wing that's both stable and lift-generating, ensuring smooth flight across a wide speed range.
    • Ultimate Maneuverability: Experience exceptional control and playful handling as you carve turns with ease and precision. The 890 Reflex responds intuitively to your every move, making every session a joy.
    • Ideal for Learning: Unleash your foiling dreams with confidence! The 890 Reflex's unwavering stability provides a supportive platform for mastering the basics and progressing with ease.

Word on the Water:

    • Fun-Fueled Rides: The 890 Reflex is praised for its ability to deliver pure enjoyment on the water.
    • Intuitive Control: Riders appreciate the seamless connection they feel with the wing, allowing them to focus on the experience rather than the mechanics.
    • Confidence-Inspiring Stability: Both experienced foilers and those new to the sport applaud the 890 Reflex's ability to instill confidence and encourage progression.


  • Top Plate
  • 32" Mast (Carbon/Aluminum)
  • 610 Standard Fuse
  • 890 Reflex Front Wing
  • 280 Stabilizer

Ready to Take Flight?

Experience the magic of foiling with the 890 Reflex. It's your gateway to effortless fun, boundless exploration, and a whole new way to experience the water.