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Brunotti Radiance Round Toe Boot 5/4mm

Brunotti Radiance Round Toe Boot 5/4mm

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Winter waves don't have to mean numb toes.

Dive into the chill with the Brunotti Radiance Round Toe Boat 5/4mm Surf Shoe, your 5mm neoprene shield against icy blasts. 

Warmth Like a Tropical Getaway:

    • 5/4mm Oasis: Forget shivers, welcome pure blissful warmth. This high-cut surf boot envelops your feet above the ankle, creating a fortress against the cold that only premium neoprene can build.
    • Motion X Moves with You: Experience the magic of high-performance neoprene. Soft, stretchy, and oh-so-warm, it dances with your every movement, letting you carve lines and pop airs without restriction.

Built for Adventure, Every Season:

    • Pre-Shaped Perfection: The pre-shaped design anticipates your every step and turn, creating a comfortable fit from the first paddle-out to the last sunset session.
    • Sturdy Sole Confidence: The rugged rubber sole protects your feet from hidden reefs and sharp rocks, letting you explore the coast with fearless abandon.

Tame the chill, ride the waves, and experience warmth that sets your feet free.