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Delta Foils

Delta Hydrofoil R-Frame Fuse

Delta Hydrofoil R-Frame Fuse

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Precision Tailored for Your R-Frame Ride

Imagine the control and responsiveness of the R-Frame Mast, focused solely on your stabilizer connection. That's the Delta Hydrofoil R-Frame Fuse.

Built for Unwavering Stability:

    • Dedicated Stabilizer Fuse: This fuselage is designed just for your R-Frame Mast to connect your stabilizer.
    • Unbreakable Bond: The seamless connection to your R-Frame Mast eliminates flex and wobble, translating every input into instant stabilizer response for precise carving and confident maneuvers.
    • Travel-Friendly Design: The detachable rear fuselage makes packing and transporting your complete setup a breeze, no matter where your next adventure takes you.

The R-Frame Fuse isn't just a piece of hardware, it's the final touch that unlocks the full potential of your R-Frame system.