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Delta Foils

Delta Hydrofoil R-Frame Short Fuse

Delta Hydrofoil R-Frame Short Fuse

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Razor-sharp Control for Your Kitefoil Ride

Take your kitefoiling to the next level with the Delta Hydrofoil R-Frame Short Fuse. This precision-engineered fuselage builds on the revolutionary R-Frame concept, optimized for the demands of high-performance kitefoiling.

Unleash Uncompromising Kite Control:

    • Crank It Up: Experience the R-Frame's signature rigidity in a compact package. The shorter length amplifies steering response, letting you carve tighter lines and rip with confidence.
    • Built for Power: This isn't your average fuse. The R-Frame Short Fuse is crafted from high-grade carbon fiber, boasting unwavering strength and precision even under the most demanding kite power.

Upgrade your setup, sharpen your edge, and redefine your kitefoiling limits with the Delta Hydrofoil R-Frame Short Fuse.

Key Features:

    • Shortened length for enhanced kitefoil responsiveness
    • R-Frame's one-piece carbon fiber construction for ultimate rigidity
    • Direct connection for instant stabilizer response and precise control
    • High-grade materials for strength and reliability under high loads

Ready to dominate the water? Unleash your inner precision rider with the Delta Hydrofoil R-Frame Short Fuse.