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Delta Foils

Delta 1050 High Aspect R-Frame Kit

Delta 1050 High Aspect R-Frame Kit

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Maneuverable, Versatile Hydrofoil.

R-Frame Revolution: The one-piece carbon fiber R-Frame eliminates flex and wobble, translating your every move directly into the wing for instant response and razor-sharp control. 


  • Size: 1050cm²
  • Style: Wingfoil, Surffoil
  • Rider Skill Level: All levels

Key Fearures:

  • Highly maneuverable for tight turns and quick response.
  • Generates ample lift for easy takeoffs and smooth gliding.
  • Stable design handles choppy water and gusty winds confidently.
  • Durable construction for lasting performance.


  • Ideal for learning hydrofoiling thanks to its easy handling and stable platform.
  • Perfect for experienced riders who enjoy carving turns and riding waves.
  • One-wing solution for all your hydrofoiling needs, simplifying your gear setup.
  • Offers a smooth and predictable ride even in challenging conditions.


  • 32" / 82cm R-Frame Mast 
  • R-Frame Longfuse
  • 1050 High Aspect Front Wing
  • 280 Stabilizer

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