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Waydoo Jet ONE Controller

Waydoo Jet ONE Controller

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Jet ONE Controller -   See your speedometer, speed setting and battery levels in one glance.

Easily control your speed with the 24 gear options.


  • FlightFreeze: The Jet ONE Controller will automatically lock when the rider falls into the water. Push your limits and challenge yourself, knowing that if you take a spill, your Flyer ONE won't be cruising off into the sunset without you.
  • Low Battery Warning: When the battery level drops below 25%, the Jet ONE controller will alert you by blinking and vibrating.

Master Your Ride - Speed Settings for Everyone: Whether you're a beginner carving your first turns or an adrenaline-seeking pro, the Flyer ONE+ has a setting for you:

    • Beginner (0-10): Find your balance and feel the magic of flight.
    • Medium (11-18): Cruise comfortably and soak in the scenery.
    • Advanced (19-24): Unleash your inner daredevil and push your limits.