About SoCal Exotic Watersports

We've been doing this for a LONG time.

Your SoCal Exotic Watersports instructor has been an instructor for over 10 years.

Charl Wessels went wakeboarding at age 7, and that's where it all started.

At age 16 he was a whitewater kayak guide.

18 he became a Surfer, Scuba & Free-diving Instructor along with becoming a Boat Captain, and Spearfishing guide.

At age 20 he started as a Kiteboarding instructor and has since been the Head Instructor for a prestigious watersports school in Miami.

Over 6000 hours of instruction globally, in 3 different languages, with only 5-Star reviews, he will be your VIP Watersports Guru in Los Angeles.

5-Star Google Maps Reviews

We've tried it all,

We KNOW what works:

Your own rescue boat

We've found that having your own rescue boat accelerates your learning curve exponentially.

We give you confidence with constant assistance and allow you to get long rides in a sigle direction without having to worry about going too far from the beach.

2-Way radio communication

With constant real-time instruction when it’s most crucial.

Compare this to shouting at you from the beach and using hand signals. You quickly realize THAT is not a lesson.

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Experienced instructor

Certified & insured. With a 5-star track record and over 6000 hours of watersports instruction.

You can believe that we've seen it all and that we know how to react to every learning scenario.

About us
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Equipment & Apparel

We provide you with Top of the range, brand new, beginner equipment to ensure your safety and maximum progression.

Wetsuit and Safety gear to keep you warm and protected.

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Best E-foil on the market

Our E-Foil was made by the experts over at DJI to craft not only the most simple & cheapest e-foil on the market, but also the most beginner friendly option.

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Progression Videos

We record your sessions so you can backtrack what you've learned and show-off your skills.

We don’t chase you out of the water

We know how annoying it can be when you're promised one thing and the school doesn't deliver. That's why we give more than promised.

Each lesson is 2.5hrs on the water, but you’ll be out for about 3.5hrs to account for setup and pack-up times.

Water & Beverages

We include beverages for you to enjoy and to get the salt out of your mouth after a rewarding session.

We Can't Wait To Get You On The Water!

Text / Call us at +1(786)332-1747

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