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We only offer Private VIP sessions, for your safety and maximum progression.

Learn with the best chance of success and highest quality lessons Southern California has to offer!

Our tried and proven method is the safest and fastest way to learn winging in deep water and will get you riding with confidence.

Avoid the crowds and the dangers of the beach, start in the water with your own Private Rescue Boat by your side!

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We’ll pick up from where you left off, but for brand new beginners, this is the average flow of the lessons:

For complete beginners. A mandatory E-Foil lesson is needed to start wingfoiling. 

Don’t worry, it will accelerate your learning 10x.

1 Lesson (2.5hrs @ $130/hr) - $325

You start by learning the safeties and basic handling of the wing on the boat. 

Here you’ll be stable enough to dial in wing control.

We then move on to the E-Foil with the wing. With a buoyancy aid on the foil, you’ll be able to get on and stand up without moving.

With the e-foil’s assistance you’ll slowly start going until you can feel the power of the wind in the wing.

 2 Lessons (5hrs @ $120/hr) - $600

This lesson is all about getting your waterstart dialed in.

We want you to stop using the aid of the E-Foil and start using the wing and your speed to get on the foil.

Hopefully you’re going crosswind or even a little upwind at this stage. 

3 Lessons (7.5hrs @ $110/hr) - $825

This lesson is all about changing direction, switching feet and ocean navigation.

We want you to learn how to travel upwind and downwind.

This lesson is to prepare you for winging without the e-foil. 

4 Lessons (10hrs @ $100/hr) - $1000

Take away the E-Foil and what do you get? A competent winger. 

Learn to ride our beginner foil board without the assistance of the motor.

It doesn’t have to end here! We can keep helping you progress your riding to the next level. 

Gain more confidence and practice with the rescue boat by your side. 

Each lesson includes:

All our lessons are 1-on-1 with a professionally trained, expert instructor-captain following you by boat.

Your own rescue boat

No feeling like you’re out there by yourself or losing precious lesson time walking upwind on the beach.

2-Way radio communication

With constant real-time instruction when it’s most crucial.

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Experienced instructor

Certified & insured. With a 5-star track record and over 6000 hours of watersports instruction.

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Wing Gear & Apparel

Top of the range, brand new, beginner equipment to ensure your safety and maximum progression.

Wetsuit and Safety gear to keep you warm and protected.

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Waydoo E-foil

Accelerate your progression and take the hard parts out of learning.

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Progression Videos

GoPro, Iphone & Drone shots that will boost your learning curve and showcase your skills.

We don’t chase you out of the water

Each lesson is 2.5hrs on the water, but you’ll be out for about 3.5hrs to account for setup and pack-up times.

Water & Beverages

For when you need a breather and at the end of your session.

 If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to Text / Call / Email us!

We can’t wait to get on the water and to share our passion with you!