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2024 Eleveight Airgo v4 Footpads

2024 Eleveight Airgo v4 Footpads

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Ultimate Control & Comfort for Your Twin-Tip

Conquer the water with confidence and comfort thanks to the Airgo V3 bindings. These premium pads and straps deliver exceptional performance through:

Customizable Fit:

    • Snug & Comfortable: Anti-slip EVA pads and adjustable straps provide secure grip and control without sacrificing comfort.
    • Diverse Stance Options: Adjust foot angle, center alignment, and stance within seconds for personalized riding style.
    • Highly Adjustable: Fits any foot size with ease.

Effortless Control:

    • Advanced Control: Responsive pads and straps translate every movement into precise board control.
    • Cushioned Impact: 3D footbed absorbs chop and hard landings, protecting your knees and ankles.
    • Smart Design: Simple assembly and adjustment system gets you on the water faster.

The Airgo V3 bindings are the perfect choice for riders seeking ultimate control, comfort, and effortless performance on their twin-tip boards.