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2024 Eleveight Curl V2 Surfboard

2024 Eleveight Curl V2 Surfboard

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Master Any Wave with Dynamic Surf Performance

Carve lines and unleash aggressive maneuvers with the Curl, a state-of-the-art shortboard built for powerful surfing in medium to high waves.

Engineered for Performance:

    • CVC Construction: Lightweight and ultra-durable, featuring a full layer of 3mm high-density PVC sandwich and a carbon stringer for incredible surf feel and stiffness.
    • Thin Rails & Medium Rocker: Enhance maneuverability and control, letting you rail turns and attack any wave with confidence.
    • Squash Tail: Provides speed and control, ideal for powerful carving and explosive maneuvers.
    • Single Concave Bottom: Generates speed and dynamic drive, keeping you ahead of the wave.
    • Thruster Fin Set Up: Offers customization and performance for diverse riding styles.
    • Comfortable Grip Deck Pads: Maintain control and prevent slips, even in challenging conditions.
    • Optional Straps: Add straps for extra security in bigger surf.

Unlock Your Potential:

    • Master all conditions: From weak wind swell to reef barrels, the Curl excels in diverse surf settings.
    • Flowing carves & radical hacks: Experience precise handling and effortless maneuvers thanks to the advanced construction.
    • Total control: Stay in command as you navigate powerful waves with confidence.

Key Updates:

    • New production facility and sandwich construction for enhanced performance and durability.
    • Refined shape for improved maneuverability and control.
    • Extra PVC reinforcement for a bombproof top deck.
    • Strong foot strap plugs for confident riding in big waves.
    • Bottom carbon stringer for a sweet balance between flex and stiffness.

The Curl is your gateway to unlocking unlimited surf performance. Take your riding to the next level with this versatile and powerful shortboard.