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2024 Eleveight Escape V2 Surfboard

2024 Eleveight Escape V2 Surfboard

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Escape the Limits: Unleash Boundless Freestyle & Surf Fun

Push the boundaries of strapless freestyle and carve your own lines in small waves with the Escape, our ultra-durable noseless wonder.

Built for Freedom:

    • Versatile Noseless Shape: Master both aerial tricks and buttery smooth surfing with a design that excels in both disciplines.
    • Lightweight & Durable CVC Construction: Shred with confidence thanks to a tough construction featuring a full layer of high-density PVC and a carbon stringer for incredible flex and bombproof longevity.
    • Short Rail Line: Minimize drag and maximize pop for effortless rotations and explosive maneuvers.
    • Sticky High-Density EVA Pads: Grip and rip with confidence, even on sketchy landings.
    • Thruster Fin Set Up: Customize your riding experience with compatible Futures fins (included) for optimal performance in small to mid-sized waves.

Unleash Your Potential:

    • Progress Your Strapless Freestyle: The Escape's snappy feel and short rails make rotations easier than ever, helping you land new tricks and refine your skills.
    • Master Waves with Ease: Carve clean lines and shred with flow in small surf conditions, thanks to the Escape's versatile design and responsive performance.
    • Become a Ruler of the Sea: Uncork your creativity and explore endless possibilities with the Escape, your gateway to boundless freestyle and wave riding fun.

Key Updates:

    • Enhanced Performance & Durability: New production facility, sandwich construction, and reinforced top deck deliver even better riding experience and bombproof toughness.
    • Refined Shape: Optimized for effortless freestyle rotations and smooth wave riding.
    • Perfect Balance: Bottom carbon stringer strikes the ideal balance between flex for pop and stiffness for control.

Escape the ordinary and unlock a world of freestyle and surf possibilities. This ultra-versatile noseless board is your ticket to endless fun on the water.