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2024 Eleveight Ignition Kiteboard

2024 Eleveight Ignition Kiteboard

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Ignite Your Passion: The Freeride Twintip That Makes Anyone Love Kiteboarding

Experience the pure joy of kiteboarding with the Ignition, the ultimate freeride twintip designed for effortless fun and smooth progression.

Effortless Glide, Easy Love:

  • Progressive Freeride Design: Carve with confidence and enjoy excellent light wind performance, ideal for riders of all levels.
  • Innovative Parabolic Rail Shape: Enhanced grip and upwind ability for effortless planing, even in light winds and for heavier riders.
  • Carbon-Reinforced Paulownia Core: Lightweight, durable, and flexible for optimal control and comfort in any conditions.
  • Early Planing for Everyone: Get up and riding faster, even in light wind, thanks to the optimized rocker profile.
  • AirGO Pads & Straps: Enjoy smooth, comfortable riding with shock absorption and secure hold.
  • 45mm G10 Fins: Powerful and reliable for confident carving and control.

Built to Ignite Your Passion:

  • Leading Technology: Experience a smooth and efficient ride that takes your kiteboarding to the next level.
  • Increased Grip & Upwind: Innovative Parabolic Rail Shape technology makes riding easier and more enjoyable, especially in light wind.
  • Smooth Sailing in Chop: Carbon-reinforced Paulownia wood core and AirGO pads absorb impact and deliver a comfortable ride, even in turbulent water.
  • Speed & Lift: Optimized profile and new ABS rail material reduce drag and increase lift, making the Ignition faster and more responsive.
  • Durable Construction: Strong UV-resistant top sheet protects the board for lasting performance, season after season.

Key Updates:

  • New ABS Rails: Enhanced impact resistance for worry-free riding.
  • Fresh Graphics: Updated design for a bold and exciting look.
  • Parabolic Rail Shape: Innovative technology for effortless grip and upwind performance.

The Ignition is more than just a board; it's an invitation to fall in love with kiteboarding. So grab your kite, hop on, and experience the pure joy of riding with ease and confidence.