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2024 Eleveight RS+ V2

2024 Eleveight RS+ V2

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RS+: Dominate Freeride with Unmatched Precision and Power

Experience the pinnacle of freeride performance with the RS+, our ultra-light top-performance kite packed with groundbreaking technology.

Precision Meets Power:

    • Direct Feel & Control: Every turn and maneuver is effortless with the RS+'s meticulously engineered design and exceptional responsiveness.
    • Strength Without Compromise: Dynea Tex fabric, unique to the RS+, boasts 32x the tear and tensile strength of regular Dacron, all while being remarkably lighter.
    • Hangtime that Soars: Experience gravity-defying hangtime fueled by the RS+'s dynamic power and lift.
    • Mastery in All Conditions: Enjoy smooth, intuitive handling even in light winds, thanks to the RS+'s optimized frame and efficient design.
    • Unparalleled Feedback and Response: Feel every gust and react instantly with the RS+'s stiff frame, clear feedback, and perfectly balanced bar pressure.

Version 2: Refined for Perfection:

    • Enhanced Low-End and Efficiency: New panel cuts and a deeper profile ensure accessible power and a stable wind window position, even in light conditions.
    • Predictable Handling, Smooth Turns: Optimized wingtip sweep and bridle geometry deliver linear turning throughout the wind range, making every maneuver smooth and harmonious.
    • Effortless Control, Instant Response: Reduced bar pressure, combined with direct feedback, gives you a nuanced connection to the kite for intuitive control.

Innovation Elevated:

    • XT Light Struts: The Perfect Balance: Strategic use of XT Light material strikes the ideal balance between responsiveness and flex, resulting in precise flying characteristics and optimal performance.
    • Conical Leading Edge: Accuracy at Your Fingertips: Increased center diameter and thinner tips enhance control and accuracy, ensuring every turn mirrors your input with exactness.
    • VIP Freeride Experience Awaits: Elevate your riding to a whole new level and discover a world of possibilities with the RS+'s exceptional fusion of cutting-edge technology, premium materials, and unparalleled performance.

Key Upgrades:

    • Optimized force distribution panels for enhanced efficiency.
    • Deeper profile for accessible low-end and stable wind window position.
    • Conical leading edge for precise, rider-matched turning.
    • Adjusted wingtip sweep for linear turning load throughout the wind range.
    • Reduced bar pressure while maintaining direct feedback.

The RS+ is more than a kite, it's an invitation to experience freeride like never before. Feel the wind's power, push your limits, and redefine your boundaries with this pinnacle of kite technology.