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2024 Eleveight RS V7

2024 Eleveight RS V7

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Conquer Any Condition with the RS: Your One-Kite Freeride Powerhouse

Unleash the ultimate freeride weapon with the RS, our signature powerhouse designed for versatility and limitless performance. This one-kite-fits-all masterpiece caters to every riding style, from smooth carving lines to explosive big air, all with impressive precision and control.

Dominate the Wind:

  • Unmatched Versatility: Experience the thrill of any riding style with the RS's adaptable nature. Tame the storm, boost massive airs, or master any kite spot – the RS is your all-terrain freeride companion.
  • Effortless Power: Impressive wind range with enhanced low-end capabilities ensures you're always riding, no matter the breeze.
  • Rock-Solid Stability: Feel confident and in control with the RS's ultra-stable platform, offering a direct feel and efficient performance in any condition.
  • Soaring Hangtime & Easy Upwind: Unleash epic hangtime and effortlessly navigate upwind, thanks to the RS's powerful lift and smooth turning characteristics.
  • Plug & Play Performance: Get riding fast with the RS's intuitive handling and responsive nature.

Engineered for Excellence:

  • Version 7 Evolution: Experience exceptional efficiency with a revised profile for even better low-end performance and ease of use. Minimize your quiver and maximize your wind cover with the RS's aerodynamic prowess.
  • Power with Control: Medium to high aspect ratio delivers impressive grunt and power, while the optimized load distribution ensures stability and accessibility for all levels.
  • Direct Feel & Fast Response: Smooth power generation and light turning initiation offer an ultra-direct feel, allowing you to react quickly to any discipline.
  • Dynamic Speed & Hangtime: Experience exhilarating speed, epic hangtime, and thrilling forward momentum that sets the RS apart.
  • Chase Waves & Freestyle: From carving lines to popping tricks, the RS delivers high performance and effortless upwind travel, no matter the conditions.

Key Upgrades:

  • Increased Low-End Performance: Modified arc for enhanced power in lighter winds.
  • Easier & Lighter Turning: New wingtip segmentation for smoother and more responsive maneuvers.
  • Efficient Power Distribution: New panel cuts in the canopy for optimal load distribution and stability.
  • Improved responsiveness: Smaller LE bridle deflectors for quicker reaction times.

The RS is more than just a kite, it's your all-around freeride powerhouse. Get stoked, grab your board, and experience the limitless possibilities of the wind with the RS.