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2024 Eleveight Wing GT1+ V1

2024 Eleveight Wing GT1+ V1

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Your Gateway to High-Performance Wing Foiling

Fresh on the scene, the GT1+ is a game-changer for discerning wing foilers. This performance wave-to-freeride crossover wing delivers a highly efficient, customizable ride that's both lighter and stiffer, pushing the boundaries of top-tier foil performance.

Features for Unmatched Performance:

  • Premium XTC TEX construction: Lighter, stiffer, and incredibly efficient, this high-tech material elevates your ride with enhanced responsiveness and control.
  • Dual-infill panel for advanced profile support: Minimizes turbulence and promotes natural drift for effortless wave riding and long downwinders.
  • Intuitive drift stability: The GT1+ effortlessly locks into waves, carving smooth lines and offering exceptional control in any conditions.
  • Innovative exchangeable CS handle system: Choose between superlight, intuitive power control or a more direct feel with the included tension brace, tailoring your ride to your preference.
  • Proven X4 ripstop canopy: Durable and reliable, the GT1+ is built to withstand the elements and deliver consistent performance session after session.

Built for the Demanding Rider:

  • Evolved from wing foiling experience: Born from the needs of ambitious foilers pushing their limits, the GT1+ is designed for those seeking top-of-the-line performance.
  • Direct and responsive: Feel every nuance of the wind and water with the GT1+'s stiff frame and precise handling.
  • Optimal for wave and freeride: Whether carving lines on the face of a wave or cruising downwind, the GT1+ excels in all riding styles.
  • Customizable comfort: The exchangeable handle system lets you find the perfect grip for your individual preferences and riding goals.

The GT1+ is more than just a wing, it's a statement: a commitment to innovation, performance, and pushing the boundaries of what's possible on a foil. If you're seeking the ultimate wing foiling experience, look no further.

Key Upgrades:

  • New XTC TEX construction for superior stiffness and weight reduction.
  • Dual-infill panel for enhanced profile support and natural drift.
  • Innovative exchangeable CS handle system for customizable control.
  • Designed for the demanding wing foiler seeking top-performance.

Unleash your inner champion. Grab the GT1+ and experience the future of wing foiling.