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2024 Eleveight Wing WFS V4

2024 Eleveight Wing WFS V4

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Effortless Freeride Mastery for All Levels

Unleash your inner freerider with the WFS V4, the ultimate wing for effortlessly carving lines and exploring all conditions. This performance powerhouse combines intuitive handling with exceptional aerodynamic efficiency, making it your perfect companion for pushing your boundaries and having a blast on the water.

Effortless Control, Wherever You Go:

    • Natural Hand Positioning: Feel instantly comfortable with the WFS's intuitive hand placement, designed for easy handling and minimal fatigue.
    • Direct & Responsive: Experience a natural, connected feel with every turn and maneuver, thanks to the WFS's stiff and lightweight frame.
    • Effortless Drift & Power: Generate power on demand and effortlessly glide downwind, thanks to the WFS's optimized airflow and reduced turbulence.

Innovation Engineered for Your Ride:

    • CS Wing Bar: Achieve aerodynamic stability and intuitive control with the revolutionary CS Wing Bar, your gateway to fatigue-free sessions.
    • Enhanced Stiffness & Airflow: Increased frame and canopy stiffness minimize drag, improve pumping, and deliver a crisper, more direct riding experience.
    • Extended Wind Range: Catch even the lightest breezes and explore a wider range of wind conditions with the WFS's revised leading edge and increased low-end power.
    • Lighter & More Efficient: Optimized window placements and a balanced V-shape create a light, efficient canopy that effortlessly tracks through the air and stays clear of the water.
    • Unmatched Durability & Performance: World-leading Teijin X4 ripstop material provides exceptional strength, stability, and lightness, so you can ride with confidence in any condition.

The WFS V4 is more than just a wing, it's your invitation to experience freeride freedom like never before. Unleash your inner explorer, push your limits, and discover the joy of effortless riding with the WFS V4.

Key Upgrades:

    • Intuitive CS Wing Bar for natural handling and stability.
    • Increased frame and canopy stiffness for improved airflow and control.
    • Revised leading edge and profile for extended wind range.
    • Lighter and flatter canopy for efficient load distribution.
    • World-leading Teijin X4 ripstop material for durability and performance.

Grab the WFS V4 and ride the wave of freeride innovation. The water awaits!