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2024 Eleveight WS V7

2024 Eleveight WS V7

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Your Gateway to Effortless Fun on Any Water

Unleash your inner water warrior with the WS V7, the ultimate companion for carefree riding across all disciplines. This agile powerhouse combines lightning-fast turns and intuitive handling with outstanding performance, making it your ticket to endless shredding fun.

Effortless Flow Meets Unbounded Possibilities:

    • Catch Waves at Will: Ride with confidence across any wave, from playful rollers to epic swells. The WS effortlessly carves lines and adapts to your every input, letting you focus on the pure joy of the ride.
    • Chilled Sessions, Amplified: Enjoy smooth cruising and laid-back carving with the WS's exceptional stability and user-friendly nature. Just grab your board and soak up the vibes - the WS handles the rest.
    • Foil Like a Pro: Experience effortless foiling with the WS's "autopilot" mode. Light initiation automatically engages the foil, letting you fly with natural drift and precise turns, even if you're a foil newbie.

Innovation for Effortless Fun:

    • Open-C Hybrid Design: Get instant power when you need it, thanks to the WS's unique three-strut Open-C design. It's the perfect blend of responsiveness and stability for confident riding in any situation.
    • XT Light Fabric: Fly lighter, drift further. The WS V7 is 15% lighter thanks to its specialized XT light fabric, enhancing its low-end capabilities and effortless upwind travel.
    • Effortless Stability & Control: New panel cuts in the canopy ensure efficient force distribution for consistent power delivery, while the stall-free and forgiving nature makes the WS a breeze to fly, even in light winds.
    • Fast & Precise Turns: Experience lightning-fast, pivotal turns with the WS's exceptional responsiveness. Feel the light yet direct bar pressure for smooth maneuvering and carve lines with laser-like precision.
    • Expanded Sizes & Wind Range: Conquer a wider range of conditions with the new 10m and 12m sizes, making the WS V7 accessible to riders of all skill levels.

The WS V7 is more than just a kite, it's your passport to endless water adventures. No matter if you're a seasoned freerider, a wave warrior, or a foiling fanatic, the WS has something for everyone. Grab your board, harness the wind, and experience the joy of effortless riding with the WS V7.

Key Upgrades:

    • 15% lighter inflatable structure thanks to XT light fabric.
    • New 10m and 12m sizes for expanded wind range.
    • Squared wingtips for even faster turn initiation.
    • Optimized panel cuts for efficient force distribution and smooth power delivery.
    • Smaller LE bridle deflectors for improved responsiveness.

Unleash your inner shredder. The WS V7 awaits!