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2024 Eleveight XS V4

2024 Eleveight XS V4

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 Push Beyond Air's Limits, Defy Gravity's Pull

For those who chase the edge of adrenaline, the XS V4 is your weapon of choice. This big air beast redefines the boundaries of skyward escapes, with explosive lift and hangtime that will have you laughing in the face of gravity.

Unleash Your Inner Daredevil:

    • Erupting Power: Feel the adrenaline surge as the XS catapults you into epic big air blasts. Its massive grunt delivers unmatched jump potential, regardless of the conditions.
    • Hangtime Redefined: Time stretches and gravity becomes a distant memory as you experience the XS's legendary hangtime. Soar effortlessly, savoring the exhilarating view from the peak.
    • Stable as a Skyscraper: Even in the midst of extreme boosts, the XS remains eerily composed. Its robust construction and optimized design ensure confidence-inspiring stability, letting you focus on pushing your limits.
    • Bombproof Durability: Built to withstand the rigors of big air battles, the XS boasts bombproof construction. High-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship ensure it's ready for anything you throw at it.
    • Control at Your Fingertips: While it unleashes monstrous power, the XS remains surprisingly responsive. Rapid yet controllable flight characteristics and direct feedback keep you firmly in command, even on the edge of the stratosphere.

XS V4: More Than a Kite, It's a Statement.

It's a declaration of your fearless spirit, a testament to your pursuit of extreme thrills. It's the ultimate big air partner, pushing you higher, longer, and further than ever before. Are you ready to rewrite the rules of gravity?

Key Features:

    • Explosive lift and extended hangtime
    • Unmatched big air performance in all conditions
    • Bombproof construction for ultimate durability
    • Stable and controllable even in extreme situations
    • Direct feedback for precise maneuvering

Grab the XS V4 and conquer the sky. Let the world become your launchpad.