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Delta Foils

Delta 890 Reflex Front Wing

Delta 890 Reflex Front Wing

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Embrace Effortless Flight with the 890 Reflex:

Fun, Stable, and Ready to Soar

The 890 Reflex, formerly known as the Cozumel, redefines ease and enjoyment in wing foiling and kite foiling. It's designed to unlock a world of possibilities, whether you're carving graceful lines or taking your first thrilling steps on the foil.

Features That Inspire Confidence:

    • Effortless Lift & Stability: Delta's groundbreaking reflex foil technology and a low aspect ratio design create a wing that's both stable and lift-generating, ensuring smooth flight across a wide speed range.
    • Ultimate Maneuverability: Experience exceptional control and playful handling as you carve turns with ease and precision. The 890 Reflex responds intuitively to your every move, making every session a joy.
    • Ideal for Learning: Unleash your foiling dreams with confidence! The 890 Reflex's unwavering stability provides a supportive platform for mastering the basics and progressing with ease.

Word on the Water:

    • Fun-Fueled Rides: The 890 Reflex is praised for its ability to deliver pure enjoyment on the water.
    • Intuitive Control: Riders appreciate the seamless connection they feel with the wing, allowing them to focus on the experience rather than the mechanics.
    • Confidence-Inspiring Stability: Both experienced foilers and those new to the sport applaud the 890 Reflex's ability to instill confidence and encourage progression.

Ready to Take Flight?

Experience the magic of foiling with the 890 Reflex. It's your gateway to effortless fun, boundless exploration, and a whole new way to experience the water.