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Brunotti Masters Helmet

Brunotti Masters Helmet

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Unwavering protection and premium comfort.

Crafted for Confidence:

    • Impregnable Shell: A durable ABS hardshell shields you from unexpected impacts, letting you chase adrenaline with peace of mind.
    • Unparalleled Comfort: An EVA liner conforms to your head shape, while an Air Mesh Ventilation System keeps you cool and collected, even under the summer sun.
    • Precise Fit: The Micro Fit System ensures a snug, personalized fit that stays put through every carve and jump.

Luxury Touches:

    • Neoprene Ear Pads: Soft and supple, these pads create a barrier against wind chill and spray, keeping your ears cozy and protected.
    • Quick Release Chin Strap: Get in and out with ease, while the secure closure guarantees your helmet stays put, no matter how wild the ride gets.