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Brunotti Gravity Fullsuit 5/3mm

Brunotti Gravity Fullsuit 5/3mm

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Embrace the Ocean Edge

Conquer the chill, dance with the waves. The Brunotti Gravity Fullsuit 5/3mm is your gateway to unlocking epic adventures, season after season. This isn't just a wetsuit, it's your ticket to warm-water dreams in chilly reality.

Unwavering Warmth, Unrestricted Freedom:

  • 5/3mm Bliss: Forget goosebumps, say hello to toasty comfort. Even the coldest oceans will feel like tropical playgrounds with this luxurious thickness.
  • Hexagon Quickdry Lining: This genius design wicks away water fast, keeping you dry and cozy whether you're catching waves or chilling on the beach.
  • Gravity Flexprene: Super stretchy and oh-so-soft, this premium material moves with you like a second skin, offering unrestricted freedom and warmth without feeling bulky.
  • Unleash Your Flow: The 3D Flex Pattern mimics your every movement, maximizing flexibility and control. Carve, jump, and shred like never before.
  • Effortless Entry and Exit: Slip in and out with ease thanks to the smooth single front-zip and generous Easy Entry design. No more pre-surf battles!
  • Built to Last: Glued blind stitching, fused cuffs, and reinforced kneepads stand up to wear and tear, ensuring your Gravity suit thrives for years to come.
  • Added Touches: Stash your key in the secure pocket and stay stylish with the sleek magnetic closure.

Your key to cold-water dreams, unlocked by relentless warmth and unstoppable freedom. Embrace the elements, chase the thrill, and experience the ultimate blend of comfort and performance.