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Brunotti Gravity Hooded 6/4mm

Brunotti Gravity Hooded 6/4mm

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Conquer Winter Waters with Unwavering Warmth

Embrace the chill, own the waves. The Brunotti Gravity Hooded 6/4mm isn't just a wetsuit – it's your armor against cold waters, your key to endless winter adventures. Crafted with premium Gravity Flexprene, the most luxurious neoprene on the market, this suit delivers unparalleled warmth and flexibility, letting you carve deeper, jump higher, and shred harder even in the coldest conditions.

Warmth Redefined:

    • 6/4mm Bliss: Feel the toasty embrace of 6mm neoprene in your chest and legs, 4mm in your elbows and knees for optimal flex and warmth. No more shivers, just pure surfing bliss.
    • Hexagon Quickdry Lining: This innovative technology wicks away water like magic, keeping you dry and cozy even after the biggest wipeout.
    • Unleash Your Flow: Gravity Flexprene moves with you, not against you. The 3D Flex Pattern mimics your every bend and twist, maximizing freedom and control. No restriction, just effortless flow.

Built for the Bold:

    • Front Zip Advantage: Experience superior warmth and freedom compared to back zips. Less water entry, more flexibility, thanks to the seamless back panel.
    • Blind Stitch Seal: Waterproof, durable, and long-lasting – this premium stitching technique ensures your Gravity suit conquers winter after winter.
    • Hooded Comfort: Stay warm from head to toe with the snug hood, ready to take on any icy splash.

Your gateway to winter watersports mastery. Warmth that inspires, flexibility that empowers, and a confidence that lets you own the waves, no matter how cold the ride.