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Brunotti Neo Impact Vest

Brunotti Neo Impact Vest

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Brace for Adventure, Not Bruises with Our Crash-Defying Impact Vest

Forget the fear of falling, embrace the thrill of flying. Our Impact Vest is your shield against wipeouts, your silent guardian on every high-flying adventure. Forget bulky padding that steals your mobility, this bad boy features strategically placed high-density PVC foam, ready to absorb any unexpected landings with a smile.

Pre-Shaped Perfection:

    • Crash Confident: No matter how epic your tumble, this vest won't budge. The pre-shaped design stays snug and supportive, no matter how hard you test its limits.
    • Move Like the Wind: Forget clunky constraints. The non-padded harness zone ensures effortless flexibility, letting you twist and turn with the wind, unhindered.

Comfort Meets Confidence:

    • Impact Absorption Hero: The high-density foam is your silent partner, soaking up impacts without sacrificing precious comfort. Ride hard, land easy, repeat.
    • Freedom to Fly: Feel the wind, not the vest. The slim profile stays out of your way, letting you move and groove with complete freedom.

Soar higher, push harder, conquer every wave. Our Impact Vest is more than just protection, it's an invitation to unleash your inner daredevil, knowing you've got a guardian angel in your corner.