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Brunotti Radiance High Seat Harness

Brunotti Radiance High Seat Harness

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Kick Back and Catch Waves

Ditch the backache, embrace the comfort. The Brunotti Radiance High Seat Harness isn't just a piece of gear, it's an invitation to relax, recharge, and experience kitesurfing in a whole new way. Imagine carving through the water, feeling supported and secure, almost like you're chilling on a throne above the waves. Sounds good, right?

Support That Hugs, Not Hinders:

    • High Back Haven: Forget pressure points and stiff backs. The high back, loaded with plush density foam, cradles your body, minimizing strain and maximizing comfort.
    • Seat Yourself to Victory: Kick back and enjoy the ride. The seat harness design provides ultimate support and stability, letting you focus on catching waves, not fighting your gear.

Comfort in Every Detail:

    • Half-Padded Straps: No more digging in. The neoprene-padded straps hug your legs gently, eliminating chafing and ensuring a pain-free session.
    • Integrated Spreader Bar Stays: Worrying about your bar slipping is a thing of the past. The integrated bar ends keep it securely in place, letting you shred with confidence.

Unleash your inner chill, conquer the waves in total comfort.