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Brunotti Radiance Impact Vest

Brunotti Radiance Impact Vest

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Where Luxury Meets Performance, Across the Watersport Spectrum

Elevate your watersports experience with the Radiance Impact Vest, a masterpiece of luxury meets versatility. This slim-fit marvel effortlessly transitions from shredding waves on your Kiteboard / wakeboard to carving lines with your wingfoil, all while enveloping you in elegant comfort and unwavering protection.

Unleash Your Inner Warrior, Un-compromised:

    • Multi-Disciplinary Masterpiece: Ditch the gear closet, embrace one vest for all. The Radiance adapts seamlessly to kiting, wakeboarding, winging, and any other high-impact pursuit, delivering exceptional performance across the board.
    • Slim Fit Finesse: Move with freedom, not restriction. The sleek design hugs your form like a second skin, maximizing flexibility and control without sacrificing protection.
    • Luxurious Comfort: Experience the difference premium neoprene makes. Soft to the touch yet resilient, it delivers warmth and unmatched comfort, making every session a pleasure.
    • Impact Absorption Hero: Don't fear the falls, conquer them. The strategically placed foam panels dissipate energy from unexpected landings, keeping you confident and protected.

Redefine watersports luxury. Experience the seamless blend of comfort, flexibility, and protection, designed to elevate your every ride, whatever your board of choice.