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Brunotti Radiance Longarm Shorty FZ 3/2

Brunotti Radiance Longarm Shorty FZ 3/2

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Soak Up the Sun, Shred Without Limits

Warm days, epic waves, endless smiles. The Brunotti Radiance Longarm Shorty FZ 3/2mm is your gateway to sun-drenched adventures, where freedom and performance collide. This isn't just a wetsuit, it's your ticket to riding longer, pushing harder, and basking in the pure joy of watersports without compromise.

Unleash Your Inner Sun Seeker:

    • 3/2mm Bliss: Feel the warmth, not the bulk. The 3/2mm thickness delivers perfect comfort for balmy days, letting you chase the sun and shred with confidence.
    • Unwavering Flexibility: Move like the ocean, not against it. The 3D Flex Pattern mimics your every bend and twist, maximizing freedom and control, from carving lines to catching air.
    • Double Front-Zip Freedom: Slip in and out effortlessly with the smooth double front-zip design. No more pre-surf struggles, just pure water bliss.

Built for the Bold:

    • 100% Gravity Flexprene: Experience the difference premium neoprene makes. Soft, stretchy, and unbelievably durable, this material moves with you, not against you.
    • Hexagon Quickdry Lining: Stay dry, stay comfortable. This innovative technology wicks away water like magic, keeping you cozy even after the biggest wipeout.
    • GBS Seams: Watertight perfection. Glued and Blind Stitched construction ensures that warmth stays in, water stays out, and your adventures last season after season.

Catchy Summary: The Brunotti Radiance Longarm Shorty FZ 3/2mm – your gateway to warm-water freedom, powered by unmatched flexibility and unwavering performance. Embrace the sun, conquer the waves, and experience the magic of Brunotti innovation.