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Brunotti Radiance Round Toe Shoe 3mm

Brunotti Radiance Round Toe Shoe 3mm

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Rule the Reef

Forget bulky boots, unlock limitless possibilities. The Brunotti Radiance Round Toe 3mm Surf Shoe packs in uncompromising protection with a sleek, low-cut profile, letting you own the coast and conquer hidden hazards with every stride.

Freedom Meets Fortitude:

    • 3mm Shield: Ditch the fear of jagged rocks and lurking shells. This 3mm barrier deflects obstacles like a champ, keeping your focus on conquering waves, not worrying about every footstep.
    • Unleash Your Flow: This isn't your old school clunky boot. The low-cut design hugs your foot comfortably, maximizing board feel and agility, so you can shred with pinpoint precision.
    • Motion X Magic: Experience the difference premium neoprene makes. This flexible wonder moves with you, not against you, letting you twist, turn, and pop without restriction.

Built for Every Adventure:

    • GBS Seams Seal the Deal: Glued and Blind Stitched construction keeps water out and comfort in, so your adventures stay dry and hassle-free.
    • Sturdy Sole Advantage: Walk with confidence, explore without worry. The rugged rubber sole defends your feet from hidden dangers and lets you tackle any terrain with fearless abandon.

Shred the waves, defy the reef, and experience freedom that knows no bounds.