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Brunotti Radiance Surf Single Uni Board Bag

Brunotti Radiance Surf Single Uni Board Bag

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Shield Your Shred

Conquer the coast, protect your passion. The Brunotti Radiance Boardbag is your fortress against travel woes and careless baggage handlers. Built for adventure, it cradles your 1-2 kites and board (boots and all) in unyielding protection and luxurious comfort.

Rugged Armor for Precious Cargo:

    • Tarpaulin Fortress: Don't fear bumps, scrapes, or unexpected rain showers. The inner panels are lined with tough tarpaulin, deflecting even the most careless knocks and keeping your gear pristine and dry.
    • Built to Last: 600D heather fabric shrugs off wear and tear, ensuring your bag weathers countless journeys with your favorite boards.

Spacious Sanctuary for Double Trouble:

    • Double Duty Design: Pack it light, pack it heavy. This versatile bag accommodates one or two kites and a board, without a squeeze.
    • Shoulder Strap Savior: The included shoulder strap lets you conquer the airport or beach with comfort, leaving your hands free for high fives and victory dances.

Embrace adventure, conquer travel worries, and let your boards rest easy.