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Delta Foils

Delta Foil Carry Bag

Delta Foil Carry Bag

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Conquer any coast, protect your precious foil.

Double Duty, Unwavering Protection:

    • Pack and Fly: Forget single trips and baggage woes. This spacious bag accommodates two full foil setups: masts, wings, and stabilizers included.
    • Tarpaulin Fortress: Fear not bumps, scrapes, or even unruly luggage handlers. The inner panels are lined with tough tarpaulin, deflecting even the most careless knocks and keeping your gear pristine.
    • Built to Last: 600D heather fabric shrugs off wear and tear, ensuring your bag weathers countless journeys with your beloved foils.

Effortless Travel, Luxurious Comfort:

    • Packing Perfection: Internal compartmentalization keeps your wings, mast, and stabilizer organized and secure, preventing tangled chaos and saving you precious prep time.

Experience worry-free travel and unwavering protection for your precious foil setups. Pack double, shred endless.