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Delta Foils

Delta Hydrofoil R-Frame Mast

Delta Hydrofoil R-Frame Mast

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Unleash Uncompromising Control

Experience the pinnacle of foil responsiveness with the Delta Hydrofoil R-Frame Mast. This revolutionary one-piece design redefines connection, fusing the top plate, strut, and front fuselage into a single, ultra-stiff carbon fiber masterpiece.

Unleash Unwavering Precision:

    • Eliminate Wobble: Forget the flex and chatter of traditional masts. The interconnected R-Frame construction transmits every movement directly to your front wing, delivering unparalleled ride control and razor-sharp responsiveness.
    • Maximize Performance: Feel the difference rigidity makes. This setup eliminates mast-to-plate and mast-to-fuselage joints for ultimate performance. The R-Frame's optimized stiffness amplifies your every input, leading to crisper carving, smoother gliding, and effortless maneuvers.
    • Built for Adventure: Take your foiling anywhere. The detachable rear fuselage makes the R-Frame compact and travel-friendly, ready to conquer any wave, anywhere in the world.

 Ride with confidence, push your limits, and experience the difference true rigidity makes with the Delta Hydrofoil R-Frame Mast.