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Eleveight Evolve Foilboard

Eleveight Evolve Foilboard

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Unleash your inner foiler with the Evolve board, designed from the ground up for effortless glides and confident maneuvers. This compact powerhouse packs a punch, offering:

  • Instant Take-Off: Say goodbye to wobbly starts. The Evolve's wide, stable platform and optimized volume distribution get you airborne in a flash.
  • Effortless Balance: Dance through the air with unwavering control. The Evolve's balanced design keeps you centered and confident, even in choppy conditions.
  • Playful Performance: Feel the board respond to your every move. The Evolve's compact size and dynamic shape invite carving turns, playful jumps, and endless exploration.

Built for the Journey:

  • Light & Strong: Carbon construction delivers both effortless glide and rock-solid durability, letting you push your limits without worry.
  • Adjustable to You: Fine-tune your ride. The Evolve's 2x4 track system lets you dial in your perfect foil position, while multiple foot strap options ensure a personalized connection.
  • Smooth Touchdowns: Beveled rails and a double concave bottom make landings a breeze, so you can focus on the joy of flight.

Whether you're a seasoned foiler craving playful performance or a beginner taking your first steps on water, the Evolve is your gateway to effortless glide, unwavering balance, and pure foiling bliss.