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Delta High Aspect 1050 Front Wing

Delta High Aspect 1050 Front Wing

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Glide with Efficiency, Carve with Precision

Experience effortless lift and maneuverability with the Delta High Aspect 1050 Front Wing.

This refined design seamlessly blends high-performance gliding with playful carving capabilities, making it a versatile performer for both wing foiling and surf foiling.

Effortless Efficiency:

    • Maximized Glide: The 1050cm2 wing area captures ample water flow, generating exceptional lift for smooth, effortless takeoffs and sustained flight.
    • Optimized Aspect Ratio: The 9.5 aspect ratio at 100cm span strikes a perfect balance between efficiency and agility. You'll enjoy both impressive glide distance and the ability to carve dynamic lines.
    • Pumping Prowess: The wing's shape fosters efficient pumping strokes, allowing you to maintain momentum and extend your riding time with minimal effort.
    • Balanced Stability: The carefully crafted outline ensures predictable handling and unwavering stability, even at high speeds or in choppy conditions.

The Delta High Aspect 1050 Front Wing is a testament to meticulous design and balanced performance. Whether you're chasing downwind runs or slicing through waves, this wing is your ticket to effortless glides, playful carving, and a truly connected foiling experience.