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Delta Foils

Delta High Aspect 1740

Delta High Aspect 1740

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Conquer Distance with Effortless Glide

Carve endless lines, chase distant horizons, and experience foiling like never before with the Delta High Aspect 1740. This expansive front wing, designed for riders above 180 lbs, is your gateway to effortless lift, unmatched glide, and boundless exploration.

Unleash the Power of Glide:

  • Distance Dominator: The 1740cm² wing area captures water flow with exceptional efficiency, propelling you forward with minimal effort. Conquer vast stretches of water, chase downwind runs, and experience the thrill of pure, effortless glide.
  • Light Wind Warrior: Don't let light conditions hold you back. The High Aspect 1740's impressive lift potential makes the most of even the slightest breeze, letting you enjoy extended sessions and endless foiling possibilities.
  • Stable & Smooth: Even at high speeds, the carefully crafted design ensures unwavering stability. Focus on carving perfect lines, not fighting for control, and enjoy the smooth, confident ride that only the High Aspect 1740 can deliver.

More Than Just Size:

  • Maneuvering Prowess: Don't let its impressive wing area fool you. The High Aspect 1740 retains its agility, allowing for responsive turns and playful maneuvers, even for heavier riders.
  • Versatile Performer: Whether you're carving waves, cruising across flat water, or chasing downwind runs, the High Aspect 1740 excels in all disciplines. One wing, endless possibilities.
  • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship, the High Aspect 1740 is designed to withstand the rigors of any foiling adventure. Invest in quality and enjoy years of effortless glide.

Experience the thrill of effortless glide, the freedom of distance, and the joy of carving lines across any water body.