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Delta Foils

Delta 700 High Aspect Front Wing

Delta 700 High Aspect Front Wing

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Unleash Your Inner Foil Artist

Carve precise lines, dance through waves, and experience foiling like never before with the Delta 700 High Aspect Front Wing. This meticulously crafted wing is your secret weapon for effortless glides, playful maneuvers, and endless possibilities, perfect for adept riders up to 180 lbs.

Glide Like a Dream:

  • Effortless Efficiency: The 700cm² wing area harnesses wind and water flow with exceptional precision, propelling you forward with minimal effort. Cruise across flat water, chase downwind runs, and experience the joy of effortless, silent flight.
  • Pumping Prowess: Maximize your time on the water. The 700's optimized design makes pumping strokes a breeze, extending your sessions and letting you explore further. No motor required, just pure wing-powered fun.
  • Compact Carving: Don't let its impressive glide potential fool you. The 895mm span and 11 aspect ratio ensure agility and control. Carve tight lines, execute radical maneuvers, and dance through waves with precision and confidence.

Versatility is Key:

  • Kite Foiling Powerhouse: Unleash the full potential of your kite with the 700's stability and control. Rip across the water, soar through jumps, and push your limits with confidence.
  • Wing Foiling Magic: Experience the magic of wing foiling with a wing designed for effortless take-offs, smooth transitions, and playful carving. The 700 is your gateway to a world of freedom and exploration.
  • Surf Foiling Symphony: Take your surfing to new heights. The 700's agility and control let you carve lines across waves, dance through barrels, and experience the thrill of foiling on a whole new level.

Ready to paint your own foiling masterpiece? The Delta 700 awaits.