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Stoke Foil Boost

Stoke Foil Boost

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Get foiling more

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or an excited newcomer, the Stoke Foil Boost is the game changer you’ve been looking for.

Tired of frustrating sessions with low-to-no foil time?

The Stoke Foil Boost works for Wing-Foiling, Prone-Foiling, SUP-Foiling, Downwind-Foiling, and allows the user to get out of the water with less effort.

This kit contains the complete Stoke Foil Boost package.

- Main Drive Unit

- Remote Control

- Main Battery

- Receiver

- Fast Charger

Supplied in the EVA travel case with cable guides, mast cable bands, silicone grease, hex tool and even a bottle opener for use after those epic sessions on the water.

Stoke Foil Boost will extend your sessions and allow you to catch more waves.