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Delta Foils

Delta 1280 Surf M-Frame Kit

Delta 1280 Surf M-Frame Kit

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Dance with the Waves]

Carve like a surfer, glide like a foiler, conquer the waves with the Delta 1280 Surf Front Wing. This perfectly balanced wing is your gateway to endless lines, radical maneuvers, and pure foiling bliss, all within the heart of the surf.

The Perfect Blend:

  • Wave-Carving Maestro: The 1280's medium aspect ratio and subtle wing sweep strike the perfect harmony between efficiency and agility. Carve precise lines, execute powerful turns, and dance through waves with confidence and precision.
  • Effortless Glide: Don't let the surf slow you down. The 1280's ample wing area captures water flow with exceptional efficiency, propelling you forward with minimal effort. Connect waves, extend your ride, and experience the joy of effortless flow.
  • Versatility Unleashed: The 1280 isn't just a wave warrior. It shines in all foiling disciplines. Wing foiling, kite foiling, even wake foiling - this wing thrives in any environment, letting you explore your foiling passion to the fullest.

Built for the Ride:

  • Lightweight Power: Crafted with high-quality materials, the 1280 is surprisingly light, maximizing your maneuverability and responsiveness, letting you push your limits without feeling weighed down.
  • Durable Design: Take on the toughest waves with confidence. The 1280's robust construction can handle the demands of aggressive riding and challenging conditions.


  • Top Plate
  • 32" Mast (Carbon/Aluminum)
  • Longfuse 770
  • 1280 Surf Front Wing
  • 280 Stabilizer

Dance with the waves, carve your own lines, and experience the thrill of foiling like never before.