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Delta Foils

Delta 1660 Surf M-Frame Kit

Delta 1660 Surf M-Frame Kit

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Carve the Sea

Conquer light wind conditions and unleash your inner surfer with the Delta 1660 Surf Front Wing. This potent powerhouse is designed for riders over 180 lbs and anyone seeking maximum lift and playful carving, not just in waves, but in all foiling disciplines.

Ride the Edge of Wind:

    • Light Wind Warrior: Don't let a gentle breeze hold you back. The ample 1660cm² captures every whisper of wind, propelling you forward with ease. Extend your sessions, chase distant horizons, and experience the magic of foiling even when the wind seems barely there.
    • Maneuverable Maestro: Size doesn't mean sluggishness. The 1660's design strikes a perfect balance between lift and agility. Carve tight turns, execute radical maneuvers, and dance through waves with precision and responsiveness.
    • Versatility Unbound: Surf your heart out, but don't stop there. The 1660 excels in all foiling forms. Wing foiling, kite foiling, even wake foiling - this wing is your versatile partner for endless exploration and foiling fun.

Built for Adventure:

    • Lightweight Punch: Don't be fooled by its size. The 1660's high-quality construction maximizes its potential without weighing you down. Enjoy effortless maneuverability and responsive control, even in light wind conditions.
    • Durable Craftsmanship: Ride with confidence no matter the waves or conditions. The 1660's robust design can handle the demands of aggressive riding and challenging environments.
    • Ideal for Riders Over 180 lbs: The 1660's size and performance sweet spot lies with riders above 180 lbs, ensuring you have the power and lift to conquer light wind and carve up any water body.


  • Top Plate
  • 32" Mast (Carbon/Aluminum)
  • Longfuse 770
  • 1660 Surf Front Wing
  • 280 Stabilizer

Ride longer, carve harder, and explore further, all fueled by the gentle whispers of the wind.Ready to turn light wind into foiling bliss? The Delta 1660 awaits.